A Few Things I Would Like To Know....

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Feb 4, 2000
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First of all, let me say that I am interested in becoming a physician. I never thought about international schools only because I am ignorant as to the whole process of applying, researching, interviewing, etc.
Well, last night I was watching a rerun of ER. That young doctor (the cocky kid) apparently went to Grenada for med school. It came up in a conversation with Dr. Carter. Funny thing he said was "It still says M.D."...that got my attention.
I, as a soon-to-be third year undergraduate, will be faced with the possibility of not being accepted to any medical schools in the U.S.
Now, I am intersted in pursiuns D.O. (that international board doesn't get any posts), but I was wondering what the procedure is for researching these schools. When would I apply? Would I apply AFTER I find out my situation concerning U.S. schools? Do you need to apply 1 year in advance like U.S. schools? What is tuition? What are the best international schools? What is it like practicing in the U.S. after attending an international school? Is there a lack of respect from your colleagues?
I have so many question, many of which I will look to answer by reading future posts.
Again, I am intersted in pursuing Osteopathic Medicine, but I am also very interested in hearing about Allopathic schools as well.
Thank you all for your time, and I look forward to reading what you folks have to say!!

Josh Hazelton
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Feb 3, 2000
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as far as when to apply.. most carribean schools (i.e. sgu) have 3 separate admissions dates throughout the year...
and yes admission to foriegn school is usually easier than to US schools, but there is always the question of securing a residency position...the government has been talking about continuing to cut down FMG residency slots...it is undetermined as to how this will affect future positions...but it certainly will have an effect...

as far as DO... if you concerned about letters after your name and being a minority physician, than i don't recommend going that route... if you believe in the idea and philosophy behind osteopathy than you can't beat it... although i'd be remiss if i didn't mention that DO's sometimes have their own difficulty with residencies, especially regarding highly specialized residencies.. although this is not going to being affected nearly like FMG situation of present and future....once you leave the US you must prove your worth to get back... if you stay in the US you've already done that...

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Apr 30, 2002
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I guess we can pretty much figure out what route JPHazelton chose.



Originally posted by PT.DO
the government has been talking about continuing to cut down FMG residency slots...

...boy, they were talking about this three years ago. What do you want to bet they're still talking about it three years from now as well, even with the huge projected shortage of doctors by the year 2025.

Boggles the mind, don't it?