Membership Revoked
10+ Year Member
Jan 8, 2005
Dear Moderator,
This has happened to other forums in the recent past, now this is happening to these very useful SDN forums as well! One or two psychopaths are logging in with multiple IDs and posting fake interviews/rejections/cancellations and other confusing messages just to mislead others! One such guy is 'AbuTeez' who posted about a dozen interviews and now offering to 'pay' people to cancel their interviews! And now 'Abu Teez82' and 'Abu Teez92' have appeared! If you check out, there is an array of new ID registrations in Oct 2010; I mean ALL these IDs were made in Oct 2010!! Check out IP addresses! Kick this loser out! We are not here to put up with this malicious crap!
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