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a note on the WL info thread

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Katie, Nov 23, 2002.

  1. Hi, guys. Apparently, there has been some confusion and some people have been feeling uncomfortable about the information posted on the waitlist information thread by myself and a few others, but particularly by me. I apologize for any bad feelings caused by the thread and hope that a few clarifications will resolve the issue;) :

    1)I am not, nor have ever been, an official pre-med advisor at any US or Canadian university at any time. I apologize for anything I said that may have caused someone to have this misimpression. As I tried to say on the thread, I am a second-year medical student who wanted to offer information on the trends in waitlist movement I have seen through information obtained through watching what goes on on SDN for 2 years during the summer and through my classmates (many who were waitlisted, like myself, at a number of schools). Therefore, the info I provided is usually reasonably accurate but not perfect, just like any other information posted by pre-meds/med students on here. you might want to talk to a pre-med advisor at your school (or another school) to see if he/she has more detailed information on WL movement at a given school.

    2)The thread was NOT intended to discourage or hurt anyone's feelings, quite the opposite in fact. I remember sitting on 6 waitlist in July 2001 thinking that I had no chance and had lost all hope. I wish that someone had told me even somewhat accurate information about any of the schools that had me on hold, but most of what I found on SDN consisted of posts from this guy with a 39 MCAT who was accepted in October telling people that at all schools the waitlist movement had pretty much stopped and not to have hope (and no, he was not a pre-med advisor). So, I would like to think that I am doing just the opposite.

    3)Just a friendly reminder that if anyone remains uncomfortable about the WL thread and feels that it should be removed from the board, that you can write to a moderator to tell them this. This is true of all other threads.

    OK, sorry for rambling. once again, apologies for any problems, and best of luck! I have an exam block coming up b4 the holiday, so I prob. won't be on here too much over the next few days, but Happy Holidays too...:cool:

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