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Nov 22, 2008
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I have searched everywhere for answers to this question, but no forum or medical school website seems to have the answer.

My situation:

I have two bachelor's degrees.
The first (age 18-21): B.A. in psychology (cgpa 3.5)
The second (age 22-26): B.Sc in chemistry (cgpa: 4.0)
Mcat score: 37

As far as volunteer experience goes, I have shadowed two doctors, one at a hospital and one at a clinic for one year each. I've also volunteered at a homeless shelter, an orphanage and a helpline (over two years for each vocation). I also have two years of research experience.

I am currently 26 and going to apply for medical school with these stats. My question is twofold. One, what are my chances for top and bottom medical schools? And two, how will the two degrees be looked at. That is, will they be averaged, will more weight be given to the second, more recent degree, or is not known/predictable?

I would really appreciate any advise offered. Even sources that I could follow up on would be greatly appreciated.
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