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Jul 26, 2002
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Hi All,

Two quick questions:

1. Are pictures required to be color or can they be black and white? Do adcoms care?
2. For hard copy apps. , must we type on the app itself, or can we scan them and fill them out on WORD?What if you mess up on the original? ?



1) i've never heard of requesting color specifically, though i think that is what most applicants do (just because it is common). as long as it is a clear shot of your face, its fine -

2)that word method is fine, i suggest you make a copy of the application and save it before you mangle it in the printer, but using the copy shold not be a problem. otherwise you could just typwrite or handwrite it. ;)

as long as what you do doesn't seem ludicrous, it should be fine, i doubt the adcoms are that nitpicky.
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Oct 6, 2001
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Well, although I agree that it really shouldn't make any difference (and frankly - I *still* don't intend changing my approach to this) this has been discussed at great, great length in earlier threads with very conflicting opinions.

My earlier statements were that it didn't matter. However, one person posted a reply stating that as an applicant to George Washington last year they had submitted a copy of their app and the school had returned the application to them saying it needed to be on "offical school forms".

I still think such finickyness is idiotic, but then, it doesn't really matter what I think.....


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Jun 13, 2002
good question.... ;)
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it was actually penn state that sent the form back, but i agree that it shouldn't matter....however, it apparently does! i was a little annoyed by this...especially after i tried to type my GW application and ended up messing up one of the sections :( (ok, the boy wonder...i'll admit it- maybe i shouldn't have made fun of the professional typist idea!!!). my advice is to try to use the original forms, but make xeroxes and practice before you try to type anything in! those typewriters are craaaazy machines if you haven't really used them before!

in case your next question is whether to type or to handwrite the forms, check this thread: handwrite or type secondaries

typing really does look more professional in my opinion even after my ordeal with the typewriter, but i'm not going to get in an argument about can read about it above.

+pissed+ <---pretend that he's throwing a typewriter!!!
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