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Mar 13, 2003
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Hey everyone,

While i dont want to say that I want to dive into boards studying right now....i do want to at least crack open the books and do a little reviewing. Does anyone have a schedule that starts in march and is somewhat light in the begining ( to leave time for current coursework) and gets more intense as the comprehensive finals at the end of the school year approaches...and then gets even more hardcore during boards time?



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Nov 6, 2003
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Unless you're taking step 1 in early may, starting to study for step 1 now is most likely going to leave you burned out by the time you take the test...

as for "[leaving] time for current coursework" try and remember that many medical schools (especially the ones in north-central illinois) tend to not let you move onto M3 year without passing all of your M2 classes, regardless of how you do on your boards... plus, you're not done learning all of m2, so how can you really effectively try to study for step 1?

if your school gives you time off to study, use that... focus on current courses now - learn the stuff well - and you'll really only have to review m2 stuff instead of learn it all over again.

if, after all i've said above, you still feel the need to kill your brain, start with the high-yield stuff from M1 (physiology, for example - you should know BRS physio back to front in your sleep) and use your spare time like that... doing low-yield stuff now isn't going to be helpful in the long run (e.g. don't do anatomy now - it's low yield, most people over-study it, and you really only need to know the basics... brs anatomy is WAY too much)... do a search in this forum to find out what people have said is high-yield/low-yield...

to summarize - you should be worrying about getting out of m2 more than you should be worrying about step 1... take things in sequence (or go talk to your favorite third floor administrator if you're THAT worried).

my $.02
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