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AA 330/TS 320 should I retake?

Discussion in 'OAT Discussions' started by l24kers, May 12, 2014.

  1. l24kers

    l24kers 2+ Year Member

    May 11, 2014
    The actual OAT was signficantly harder than the opted sample exam provided. Here are my scores:

    Subject: (Opted Score) Actual Score
    Bio (310) 290
    Chem (360) 330
    Ochem (340) 310
    Physics (320) 340
    RC (380) 380
    QR (400) 350

    TS: (350) 320
    AA: (360) 330

    As you can see, there is quite a discrepancy between the Opted exam and the actual.

    My OAT experience:
    [Biology] This was my best subject so I put it off studying for last. This was my biggest mistake. Although I went over the Kaplan book, Chad's, and DAT Bootcamp several times, it was still not enough. The practice tests that I was taking were more general and shared similar themes. When taking the actual OAT, the bio section was SO hard. It was very random. I had some questions with materials that weren't in any of my 3 sets of 50 pg notes and I had to think back to what I learned in high school (I skipped general bio in college through AP credit). I had at least 7-9 plant questions...

    [Chem and Ochem] This was my worst subject in college so I put in all my time and effort into these subjects. I'm actually a little disappointed that I didn't get 340 and above on either sections. I was feeling pretty confident about the material. The level of difficulty on these questions were not too bad and were similar to those found on Chad's and DAT bootcamp. I should have done better..

    [Physics] I had no material for the physics section. The Kaplan book was crap at explaining anything and Chad's was helpful but I found it to be geared more towards the MCAT. There were basically no practice exams available unless you purchased the physics destroyer. I went in least prepared for this section and am surprised I managed to score 340. The questions on the Opted seemed to be a lot more conceptual, but the questions on the actual had to do with a lot more calculations. There were some problems I didn't even know where to start/what equation to use. I had to use a lot of common sense.

    [Reading Comprehension] Reading comp was always a forte for me, even back in my SAT days. I never took a practice test for this section. Only the one they have on the Opted exam, which only has 1 passage. I have no tricks for this section. I simply just read it once. Go through the questions, and identify where in the passage it's located. The level of difficulty for this section was a joke. I finished so early that I had time to go back and do each passage TWICE! And I still had 3 min left..

    [Quantitative Reasoning] Math is also a forte for me and I actually hardly studied this section at all. I did a few problems from the DAT destroyer and that was about it. I got a perfect score on the Opted exam because it was a piece of cake. HOWEVER, on the real exam the math section was SO HARD. There were several problems I did not know how to do. Several really confusing word problems that I wasn't sure what they were asking for. I actually ran out of time in this section and filled in anything for about 3 questions before the timer went up. I felt blindsided because the level of difficulty was sooo much higher than the opted test. But I'm still happy with a score of 350.

    AA330/TS320 seems to be an average score but I was expecting much higher. I want to take it again because I know I can do better. But at the same time I don't want to go through hell again.. (I spent so much time and effort into this because I thought I was only going to take it once). I just wish my bio score was higher. What would you do?
    Last edited: May 12, 2014
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  3. mathcod

    mathcod 5+ Year Member

    Dec 1, 2008
    Didn't read the post in its entirety. sorry. just the meat of it. I'd say re-evaluate the rest of your application package (GPA, ECs, ECs in optometry) and what school you want to get in. If package > OAT scores, then maybe these scores will be fine. If package < OAT, then retake OAT. sounds reasonable. I'd bet definite interviews if GPA is 3.5 at least; and 70% likely to lead to interviews if GPA is 3.1 at least [GPA referring to pre-req GPA]

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