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AACOMAS professional transcript entry


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Feb 24, 2015
  1. Medical Student
    I didn't use it because I didn't see the point in paying someone to do something in 10 days that I could do by myself in an hour and a half. It's tedious, yes, but not difficult. I'd much rather enter it myself then use the $65 to get a nice dinner to celebrate being done with it.

    That being said, unless you plan to get your app sent in immediately when AACOMAS opens, it wouldn't be a major disadvantage for you.
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    Jun 3, 2011
    1. Medical Student
      I can't speak for this process directly, but I do know of two people who used this method and it took well over 10 days to get the grades entered into the system and verified. I just did it myself. Just type in exactly what it says and exactly the grade and number of credit hours for every single class during the correct time-frame and you should be golden. I had no issues with self-entry.
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      Feb 12, 2011
        for transcript entry under "credits" I know first box you type semester hours, but in the second box from the drop-down menu (0, 25,33,50,67,75) what is this for?

        Those refer to fractional amounts of the credit hours for your class. All of the classes I took at my university were whole numbers, so I inputted 00 for the drop down box for all my classes.
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