AACOMAS science gpa categories, and various engineering courses

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Jan 13, 2023
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Appreciate DO's more hollistic focus, and I read that my heavily non-trad self might be more welcome under aacomas. My cGPA from undergrad (a while ago) and before my postbac, is ~3.3. In that are lots of 4.0's and high 3.x's ... and quite a few 2.x and some zeros. So, the exact categorization makes a huge difference in the sGPA presented on my application.

from AACOMAS Course Subjects it appears all engineering is included in DO sGPA?

However, AACOMAS says it's content specific, without really expressing what content it is trying to differentiate. And they strangely call out just a couple specific engr disciplines by name (Civil-, in addition to the obvious Bio- and Chemical-). Here are a couple examples that seem like border cases: (?)
  • CAD design through Mechanical Engineering dept
    • --> "Engineering" is firmly in the "other science" category ... but this sort of computer-app, workplace skill syllabus doesn't really seem to fit the goal?
  • EE concepts (circuit design, vlsi etc) offered through a Computer Science dept (solely, not cross-listed)
    • --> They go to the effort to call out Civil Engineering and Aeronautics as "science", and Computer Science is "non science"
for folks with significant engineering work in their undergrad, how much room for picking and choosing did you have? Did AACOM overrule your choices?

I also have a related question about how many gpa categories an AACOMAS adcom will see/consider. I've read about DO breaking down GPA into further categories than the two (cGPA/sGPA) of MD schools, but can't find details. The AACOMAS page above alludes to this, but then only lists science/!science. How is this presented on the application / what importance do adcoms place on the various buckets?

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Fill it out the most honest way you can. They will do with it whatever they want. It's pretty subjective down to the reviewer