Wait, I got in?
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Jun 5, 2015
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Wait. Your quarter labs were worth 1.35 quarter credits? That seems weird. Recheck your math.


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Jan 18, 2014

Yes. So my school is on the quarter system and does their classes as units. 1 unit = 4 quarter hours. This is actually how AMCAS verified it.

Each lecture= 1 unit = 4 quarter hours = 2.67 semester hours

Each lab = .34 unit = 1.36 quarter hours = .9 semester hours

I attached a screenshot of the AMCAS verification hours (which converts it to semesters I believe), and my academic advisor came up with the same conversions.
Stop doing what I think you're doing. If your classes are in semester units, you leave them like that. If they're in quarter units, you leave them like that. Don't do any converting. The way they differentiate between semester and quarter is the way in which you list the institution; either as a semester or a quarter system.