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Jun 28, 2006
2 quick questions guys. when i was a freshman, we had two semesters: fall 2002, spring 2003. and then for soph, it was fall 2003, spring 2004. and so on. however, when i did amcas, it would list my second semester of freshman year as "second semester 2002". but i didnt take the second semester in 2002, technically. how do i enter it into AACOMAS? would it be spring 2002 or spring 2003 for my freshman year?

also, if i took 2 classes over the summer, but the first one was during one month and then the second one was during the following month, do i enter it in the same summer session? the two classes are physics I and II and right now it seems i took them at the same time, when i actually took physics I in july and II in aug.