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Sep 16, 2002
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Is it true that AADSAS won't mail out all of your transcripts and recommendations and sometimes makes errors in gpa calculations? ( Since my application is in the current mailing, I won't know firsthand until maybe next week. )

Does this happen to almost everyone, or is it just an occasional defect in application processing?

I'm a little concerned because I do not have any copies of the recommendation letters that AADSAS received from me, and it takes more than 2 weeks for requesting transcript requests.


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Mar 19, 2002
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I included two recommendation letters with my materials I sent to the AADSAS. When I called them they said they only received one letter. After I went through the trouble of getting another letter and resending it I found out that the schools did receive both letters. AADSAS just forgot to make a record of the second letter in their files.


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Oct 7, 2001
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My app. got sent out just fine, including all of the LORs. The only item wrong is that AADSAS neglected to include my apartment # on my mailing address.
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