AADSAS Planned class in the Spring, but I've got no transcript to prove it?


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May 27, 2015
Hi everyone, questions about the AADSAS, I'm graduated but plan on taking a class that is a pre req for some of the schools I'm applying to. I'll be taking it this coming Spring. I know the AADSAS likes us to put down future classes, however I don't have a transcript that shows this class as planned class since it isn't until Spring, and the AADSAS won't let me include it with a Spring date because it is beyond the dates I've put down for my former university. I'll be taking the class at a college I am current not a student off. (I moved after graduation).

Should I just leave it out of the application? If I do this, will schools where this is a pre req not consider me because I haven't planned on taking it?