AAE courses that could count as BCPM?

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Jun 21, 2016
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I was hoping somebody could give me an idea if any of the following courses could be counted as BCPM:

Aeromechanics II w/ lab
Aerodynamics w/ lab
Dynamics & Vibrations
General Propulsion
Constrol Systems Analysis w/ lab
Fluid Dynamics w/ lab
Structural Analysis I
Signals Analysis for Aero Engr
Aircraft/Spacecraft Dynamics

I know most of these may obviously not be, but I'm just wondering if any of them could qualify for some reason or another. So far the only engineering course I've seen that is consistently regarded as BCPM is Thermodyamics I. Also is it safe to assume that all design courses would not be considered as BCPM? My concentration is either going to be in Aerodynamics or Structures and Materials; do you think the classes for one of those would be more likely to qualify for BCPM than the other?

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BCPM= biology chemistry physics math

Pretty sure those are all BCPM classes
Just by looking at it, I'd say Fluid Dynamics and Dynamics and Vibration may qualify, just because of, what I'd imagine ,the amount of the physics involved.