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Jan 17, 2008
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i've been averaging 10s on aamc bio sections. i took aamc yesterday and got a 7! my test is on thurs and now im kinda scared. howd u all do on aamc 9? does it focus on a certain topic more than the other aamcs that might be my weakness? possibly just a fluke? idk but i felt like i got so many wrong and on other aamcs i usually have a good feeling that i'll get 10..
Jun 26, 2009
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alright here it is...10/9/11

PS: not too bad...saw myself doing a lot of calculations
V: Almost fell asleep. Just felt really out of it. Probably the worst I've felt with any test
BS: I just finished my masters and I'm very fluent in upper level bio, so usually I have no problem with this section. I usually finish with like 5 min to go, but with this one I had to stop and think. Every question was challenging!

I feel your pain as I'm also taking it on friday and my verbal score is all over the place. I think at this point there is nothing more we can do in terms of preparation. This week is all about confidence! Take it as a fluke and move on. Review the material and be confident. You can do it!
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Feb 23, 2009
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also just finished aamc 9...12/12/11

I definitely thought that BS was much harder than usual. usually it's my best section on a given test, but no... taking it on 8/6


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Mar 11, 2009
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I just finished the test today. 9/7/9
I've been averaging 9 on my PS and BS but hoping to aim for double digits on the real thing and also hoping for a 9 or 10 on VR too 'cause I've been struggling with this section big time.

What do u guys suggest on doing to achieve the double digits when I only have 1 week left?
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