Apr 19, 2015
Just pick one review set and work with that. What's important is the practice questions and practice exams you take after.
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May 5, 2015
Get anything the AAMC offers. I would recommend all the old AAMC exams you can nab as the Bio and Verbal practice there will be excellent(this is the best source of CARs prep you'll get).

I can't really recommend Kaplan for anything except for their biochem book which provides good content review; their questions simply won't prepare you for the types of things you'll see on test day. For PR, likewise I would focus on specific resources they offer; ie the hyperlearning science and verbal workbooks. The Soc/Psych book isn't bad either and worth getting given now how there isn't that much known about the section yet. Their Bio book isn't terrible either but not nearly enough emphasis on biochem.

So what would I get on top of that? Depending on your background the Berekley Review books for science is what I recommend the most while supplemented with Kaplan for Biochem. Lots of good practice there. EK for psych/soc and I think there bio book is solid as well. I would get EK's CARs book and the EK 101 FL Verbal passages as well. The biggest thing will be the practice questions you take. BR has hundreds of good passages that will really get you thinking in their books; even with the reduced emphasis on physical sciences I still recommend their stuff. BR also has full length exams. I would get them all. I would definitely also get EK and Next Step Full Length's as well.

Between, FL's from EK, BR, AAMC(both old and current test versions) and Next Step as well as the practice question from BR books, EK 101 verbal passages Hyperlearning Science and Verbal workbooks, that's alot of good practice. That's where I would focus my time on; not PR and Kaplan questions that don't really simulate what you'll see on test day and focus on content review and memory recollection which isn't the best use of time for getting the best score you can.
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