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Feb 8, 2007
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Any upper levels have some recs for studying for ABA BASIC? What question banks did y'all use?


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Do lots of questions with a back up resource review book to supplement.
In order of what I found helpful in terms of questions (granted this was for the Written Exam, so not sure if it applies to Basic.

#1 TrueLearn (they have a version for Basic exam) (check my old posts to see complete review on why I like this)
#2 M5 Review Qs
#3 Hall questions

Faust Review Book

I was average at best (CA3 year) for ITEs but then kicked it into high gear and ended up with in 94% on writtens.
I only did M5 and Hall. Never read Miller, Morgan & Mikeil, Barrish, or any other text books.

99th percentile ca1, ca2, ca3, and written board.

I don't know what the ABA basic is like though. We didn't have that.
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With good results?

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True Learn, Hall and some Open anesthesia for easy keywords. Do each of the UK lectures until you can repeat them in your sleep. They used to have a dedicated lecture series for the BASIC, not sure if Schell and Bowe still do it.

Do Hall to warm up, carefully, review some open anesthesia keywords and then kick it into high gear with True Learn about 4 weeks prior. I did all the questions timed, non tutor mode to replicate test conditions in sets of 50. Then I would very carefully go over the answers and type up notes on each question extemporaneously as I went along.

My True learn percentile score doing it this way exactly replicated my BASIC and ITE percentiles, it was uncanny. Very reassuring before test time because you know exactly where you stand.

Good luck, get that letter from the ABA.

- ex 61N
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