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    Hi every one
    I’m an algerian sudent from north Africa .I want to study dentestry in Malaysia next year

    I have found many universities .The most intersting is Imu .
    My qustions are :

    1- Is it really a good university for international students ?

    2-Is dentestry course of Imu the best in malaysia or there are better courses in other universities

    3-Do I have chance in PMS option because I red in some blogs that international students
    Face some problems about transfering to partner schools(I want to cantinue in australia or newzland)

    4-What I need to to get into this uni because I saw their site but It doesn’t contain many informations fot international students about admissons

    5-What about Costs of living in malaysia : how cost for international students( by USD)
    What do you think about imu and what is the most problems for international student

    Please help me I realy need answers to take a decision

    Note :Can international student in imu contact me [email protected] to more informations
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