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For SDN Members

This forum allows SDN members to have access to special discounts to services and products and have a one-on-one dialogue with test prep Vendors and Sponsors. We only approve organizations that we believe meet standards of privacy protection and have services that benefit fellow members.

For Organizations and Companies

Please note that to post in this forum, you must be pre-approved and your organization identified as a Vendor or Sponsor. To be approved, please enter a request on our Help Desk forum.

As part of the approval process, a member of our volunteer team will review your company's website and/or services. We do review privacy policies and terms of service - please ensure they are accurate and up to date.

You will be required to abide by our
Instructions for Business and Commercial members.
  1. Any discount should be comparable or better than other discounts listed on the internet.
  2. Only approved organizations can post threads. Any member can post a response.
  3. Once approved, you may post new threads in the forum and you will be listed as an approved organization.
  4. You may post as many posts as you like, but please only create one NEW thread maximum per week! :)
Ask Me Anythings (AMA):

Approved organizations are welcome to post AMA threads here to answer questions from our members. To become an approved Vendor organization, please enter a request on our Help Desk forum.
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