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Dec 23, 2003
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Once you interview at a school, does the actual interview carry more weight than your GPA and MCAT score? I get the impression that everyone who is invited for an interview meets the school's academic requirements, and from that point on the interview and EC's are more important.

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Feb 16, 2005
The ideal thinking is that if you are granted an interview, every interviewee is equal at that point, but in reality I still think that numbers afterwards come into play.....obviously when the adcoms are reviewing your file after the interview, they will look more favorable on someone with better numbers, that is of course hypothetically speaking that two interviewees both had equal, favorable interviews....interviews are the X-factor....really impress the interviewer, and it may help you get in despite avg scores and grades....on the otherhand, super grades and scores may get you in even if you had only a so-so interview.....thats only my opinion, but we all know the admissions process is a crapshoot!! :confused: :scared: