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Oct 19, 2002
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I know everyone has been telling me to relaz and have fun at my interview. But, the fact of the matter if everyone wants to make sure they get in. I agree that you have to be yourself and everything. But how do you stand out among the pool of interviewees?
Help please! :confused:

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Sep 21, 2002
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hey, easy.. be yourself! or be honest rather. This is a true story to illustrate my point, you can apply this concept to any question your asked pretty much> I had a buddy who worked in HR fora pretty big company. He had monthly hiring deadlins and was at the end of a deadline one friday and had to hire someone by the end of the day. One of his quesitons was always" tell me about a couple of your bad qualities?" EVERYONE pretty mcuh gave an answer like- oh well you konw i tend to overwork msyelf and stress myself out over being an overachiever etc. stuff like that, that sounds good even though tecnically it is bad. So my budyd is on one of hte last interviews and is still not found anytihngs pecial, than this guy walks in, gets asked the same questoin and replies-" ya im horrible at geting myself to get to the gym and actually do some cardio, and my handwriting is also absolutly terrible" nothing special but two honest answers and he was hired that day. Um just be honest and dont give the cookie cutter answers,, at the same time remain respectfulu cause you dont wanna get into some ethical debate with your interviewer good luck
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