Accepted into MD/PhD but possibly want to do MD only

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Oct 16, 2021
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I was accepted into an MD/PhD program, but recently, I have had some qualms about the length of the program. At the beginning of the application cycle, I was all gung-ho and committed on doing MD/PhD, but after talking thoroughly with some family and friends in the medical field, I'm having some doubts. If I got accepted into a school's MD/PhD program, is it likely that I can matriculate as an MD-only student or does this depend on the program? How should I go about asking admissions about this possibility? I'm a little scared that this will put me on some sort of blacklist because it shows I'm indecisive/not committed.

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Very program dependent. My program had this happen last year and the student transferred to MD-only no problem. But technically an acceptance to an MD/PhD program is not an acceptance to the MD program so it would be justifiable for the program to not allow you to transfer.
You need to have a frank talk with your MD/PhD program directly ASAP. It is program dependent but the program has an opportunity to fill in your MD/PhD slot out of the waitlist. You also need to understand the policies of the MD-program, whether the MD-program needs more in-state (or not) matriculants, etc. Communication is most important...
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