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Feb 9, 2012
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New to Achiever! I heard that Achiever is way more difficult than the real DAT and I was wondering what the real DAT score may be compared to my results from the first Achiever test

PAT: 21
Bio: 20
GChem: 19
OChem: 19
RC: 17

The QR section was a straight 0% because some weird pop-up came up and I accidentally clicked it and it ended the test right then and there...

Any suggestions/insight/help will be very appreciated!


Jan 2, 2012
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I personally didn't use Achiever, but from what i've read throughout SDN, it is a lot harder than the DAT and almost all users scored a lot higher on the real thing.

So I think you have nothing to worry about! :)


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Mar 24, 2011
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Looking good! The magic number for Achiever seems to be 16. If you can hit that, which it seems like you can, then you're golden!
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