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Apr 11, 2020
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Hey everyone, thanks in advance for any advice. I am interested in both schools and unfortunately will not have the chance to visit WCUCOM, which is making this a harder decision. As far as my interests, I am interested somewhat in primary care but also very interested in psych and possibly a few others. Cost is not a big factor for me. Please correct me if I am wrong about any info or add anything I might be missing. I honestly feel like I am leaning toward ACOM after feeling a connection there on interview day but I don't want to base this decision solely on that. I want to go with the school that will provide the most opportunity for me and give me the greatest chance of success.

Pros:I really enjoyed the interview day, super nice campus, nice on-campus housing, strong rotation sites, correspondence with the school has been smooth/professional/easy, students seem happy, liked the professors I met, very nice sim lab, past residency results seem to have matches in a relatively wide variety of locations and specialties, interesting that is an academic division of a county healthcare authority, has affiliated hospital right down the street, I feel like the school has been very transparent with providing information to help students make a decision, already have living arrangements here
Cons:farther from home/family, will be alone here (hopefully just at first), relatively large class (some may see this as a pro)

Pros: closer to home/family, I know a few alum who enjoyed their experience and are successful, smaller class size, offer rotations close to my hometown (but it is also rural) , graduates from my undergrad school often go here (I would most likely know other students), part of a university (more facilities, larger campus)
Cons: unable to find recent data for pass rates/official match lists, seems to be a controversial school on SDN, correspondence with the school has not been as smooth/easy as other schools (possibly due to the pandemic), struggling to find information on the school compared to other schools, not able to visit campus


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    Oct 25, 2017
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    would really appreciate you elaborating on this if you can
    WCU has a history of high attrition rate, low comlex first time pass rate, and low placement rate which doesn't sound good to me. You can use the search bar to search previous threads. People have asked about WCU here before, and I'm pretty sure you'll read similar things.

    Edit: To say that ACOM seems to have sponsored residency programs, have solid match data, and better clinical rotation sites.
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