Feb 16, 2015
Hi Everyone,

I just took the ADA 2009 exam and I'm missing the score converter sheet. I understand this is different from the ADA 2007 score converter. If anyone has the score sheet, I would really appreciate a copy or if you could just let me know where my raw score stand based on the converter. Here are my scores:

Bio= 33/40
G Chem= 28/30
O Chem= 23/30
RC= 32/50
QR= 29/40
PAT= 73/90

Also, I know this question has been asked a million times, but how do you guys compare the reading and math to the real exam? Both seemed on the tougher end.


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Jun 3, 2015
Dental Student
You're ready for the real exam; dont worry about the scaled score. The real DAT has an easier QR than the 2009 exam. RC was on par, maybe a bit easier.
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