May 28, 2013
I'm taking the DAT next week but I am a little worried about my RC and OC scores on the ADA 2009 (I took it last monday 12/09). I read some threads that say the reading on this test is harder than the actual DAT. For ochem I feel I can figure it out since 3 of the 5 I missed I actually know the answers but the way they were asked confused me little. any suggestions on how to improve reading? thank you so much in advance!!!! How similar were your ADA 2009 practice scores to your actual DAT. Also I took the paper version which i think makes it a little bit easier :s

BIO 39/40
GC 29/30
OC 25/30
PAT 84/90
RC 36/50
QR 33/40
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Oct 24, 2012
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I think I scored a 23 or 24AA on the 2009 and got a 22AA on the actual exam. I haven't prowled the DAT section much lately, but GatorD used to be super active on here and would often say the best predictors of your success on the real deal is your scores on the 2007 and 2009 practice exams. That certainly rang true for me and I suspect it did for others as well, so it looks like you're right on track. In regards to your comment about taking the test on paper, I found taking Achiever exams prepared me for the digital format of the exam - have you used any other digital practice material?

Some might say that it's impossible to improve your RC, as it's a skill you've built over your lifetime, but I disagree. Get your hands on as many practice exams as you can (topscore, achiever, crack) and get used to reading an article for the sole purpose of answering multiple choice questions afterward. I think you'll find yourself identifying the pertinent, testable sections more quickly and you'll see some gains in your scores.

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Mar 14, 2012
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Those are excellent scores! Converting your scores you got:

Bio: 28
GC: 26
OC: 20
PAT: 24
RC: 19
QR 19
AA: 22

Keep it up, you're ready to destroy this test! For RC you can try reading science articles off scientific american, american scientist, Nature, etc. Look around on SDN and on Google, you can find a bunch of RC strategies, keep trying them all until you find something that works for you.