ADA 2009 Test PAT

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May 27, 2014
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  • Can someone explain #20 to me? I thought it was D. Isn't the part where the folds go up in the top view supposed to be a solid line along with the square?
  • Can someone explain what happens between the last 2 folds? Suddenly there is a line in between the square in the 4th quadrant (if this was a unit circle :p).
  • Lastly, is the answer for #82 an error? How is it A? I can't wrap the triangle around to get A at all.

Overall, I am impressed with my performance on the 2009 sample. I got 77/90 correct, which is a 21. Missed 4 in keyholes, 3 in TFE, 2 in angles, 1 in cube counting, and 3 in pattern folding.
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Jul 2, 2014
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Hey there,

I can't address your specific test questions, but I am just letting you know that the 2009 exam is noticeably easier than the actual exam, so make sure you keep practicing! I got a 82/90 on my 2009 PAT, which was a 23. I ended up with a 21 on the actual DAT however. I would recommend not getting too caught up in those specific questions just because you probably won't see them on the actual DAT, and instead would advise that you keep doing practices (Bootcamp is the best for PAT).
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