Adding more schools now - 515 MCAT

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Mar 9, 2019
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Yes, add more schools. Your list is too too heavy.
How many should I add? Should I be worried about how late it is?
Are these 7 good - Wake Forest, Tulane (early cycle might avoid now), Creighton, Saint Louis U, Drexel, Temple, Vermont
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Your best chances would be Creighton, Drexel, Temple, St. Louis and Vermont.
Thanks for the advice. I'm looking into those 4 schools now!
What do you think of adding Loyola, Rosalind franklin or Albany now?
I'm applying this cycle and I'm now questioning my school list even more now that I'm mostly done with secondaries. I've already applied to 30 schools should I add more? I can't decide based on the info I have if my worries are well placed or not. As a California resident, I can't rely really on my instate schools and without them, my list is kinda top-heavy.

Stats and Activities -
MCAT 515, both GPA 3.8, 1000 hours research, 25 shadowing, 800 hours clinical volunteering

Schools Applied to -
Reach: Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Stanford, UChicago, Northwestern, Duke
Target (20th percentile to 35th MCAT): Sinia, Cornell, Case-western, UMich, Boston, Tufts, UPitt, Brown, Emory, Sinai, Tufts
State Schools - UCSF, UCLA, UCSD, Kaiser, USC Keck, UCD
Other (40th plus MCAT): Einstein, Georgetown, Georgewash, Thomas Jefferson, Rochester, Hofstra

I'm thinking about adding 3 of these schools. Is it even worth it this late in the cycle?
Wake Forest, Tulane, Creighton, Saint Louis U, Drexel, Temple, Vermont

- I'm interested in global health and research so don't know how much that would fit with these schools
Thanks for your help!!!

I honestly think that with a well-crafted personal statement..I'm talking beautiful and touching, magisterial writing that makes people say "this guy is not a tool, he's Atul"--you have a fighting chance at the reach, target, and state schools. But what do I know? Mostly that I don't know what I don't know.
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