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additional school recommendations


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Sep 28, 2009
  1. Attending Physician
    I have posted a lot in the non trad forums but figured I would get the input of a few people here:

    3.6 gpa (both cumulative and science) BS chemistry
    50 hours clinical Volunteering
    3.6 grad GPA (PhD biochemistry)
    ~40 hours shadowing
    6 years research (biochem/ochem)
    mcat (sept) Averaging 29-34
    multiple leadership positions, poster sessions, etc
    taught for 2 years
    other misc ECs, not necessarily medicinally relevent
    TN resident

    I have applied to

    Ohio State
    Univ. Cinn
    Wright State
    University of TN
    East TN
    Penn State


    I am finishing my PhD this year, a year earlier than expected, hence the rush and delay in the process. I have submitted all primaries (AACOMAS verified) and all DO + University of Cinn secondaries. I have the essays pre written for the other MD so once my AMCAS gets verified that is a go. All letters are in and sent, 2 PI's that I did research for, 1 DO physician, and 1 chem prof that I TA'd for. So obviously my MCAT is later than usual, and my ECs are not cream of the crop. I know that, and I can't change it this cycle. The wheels are rolling, and knowing my stats what are some other schools to apply that would suit my residency and stats. The goal is to get in, hopefully first shot. Waiting is not an option as the money has been spent, and I realize that if I wait and apply later its "better", but I would like to attempt to make the most out of the situation I've been given.

    What other schools can I cast my net to so that we get in first shot. I don't care DO vs MD, but I was thinking maybe 2 more of each. Realistically it would be within driving distance of Columbus Ohio because of finances and amount of time.

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