ADEA PASS - Questionnaire for Evalutors?

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Oct 9, 2011
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I believe in the past, they used to have what they call PPI or Personal Potential Index, where they had a questionnaire for the evaluators to complete.

I am aware that the PPI is no longer needed.

But does anyone know if ADEA PASS still has questions for the evaluators to answer along with the submission of the PEF?

Thank you.

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Yes I believe they do. Last cycle my evaluators had to fill in things like communication, interpersonal skills etc - its like rate a candidate from 1-5 on multiple things
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It basically took the PPI and included it on the PEF.

Here are the questions and categories:

First it asks: how long have you known the applicant? and how well do you know the applicant (they can select things like: "not at all" "Somewhat" "Moderately well" etc.)

Then they have to give you a ranking of: "no basis for determination", "meets expectations", "exceeds expectations" etc. for the following categories:

Critical thinking, didactic knowledge, integrity, interpersonal skills, maturity, organization skills, professional demeanor, reaction to criticism, and self-awareness.

They also have a space to write a comment under each of those categories.

Next, they have a space to write a 3,600 character letter of recommendation for you.

Finally, they have to give their final recommendation of "do not recommend" "somewhat recommend" "highly recommend" and "my highest recommendation"..., Or something along those lines.
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Okay well that effectively ends the thread.
Thank you!
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What about on the institution evaluation/dean's letter side of things?