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Advice for numbers/timing for Application

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by IndyMike, Oct 29, 1999.

  1. IndyMike

    IndyMike Member 10+ Year Member

    Oct 28, 1999
    Indianapolis, IN USA
    Need some help here. Just received secondaries today and I am wondering if they are being sent too late. Do I have a chance this year or should I wait and apply June 2000? I am presently in Master of Science program at Purdue University in Physiology. BS Biology 3.11 overall, science 3.09. MCAT 9V, 7P, 10B, N. GPA a little shabby from family matters that occupied lots of my time. I am 4th of 15 children so I really needed to kick in and help out the younger sibs in a time of crisis. 3 years clinical exp in hemodialysis clinic. good recom. from MD physician. Really want Osteopathic because they are geared toward primary care and heavily endorse rural medicine.

    Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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  3. Dave

    Dave Member 10+ Year Member

    Oct 11, 1999
    Salt Lake, UT USA
    Im just finishing my secondaries and I have similar numbers. There is no doubt that it is late, however I am still holding out hope for acceptance. Good luck.
  4. miglo

    miglo Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    May 20, 1999
    Just send them in. While you are not early, you are not _that_ late. Get as many in as possible before mid-Nov. I don't know why mid-Nov, but it sticks in my head for some reason. Good luck.
  5. Linda

    Linda Member 10+ Year Member

    Dec 21, 1998
    s.plainfield, nj
    Send them out now. It's not too late but I wouldn't put it off any longer and be prepared for a long wait for interviews. Just in case it doesn't pay off this year think about what you can do to improve your application for next year.

    Good Luck!!
  6. Nav

    Nav Member 10+ Year Member

    Personally, I think that you should wait until next year. Take the time to learn more about the osteopathic field and get your application in on the very first day.
    Most schools have received many applications already and the ones that have been waiting for the MCAT marks are now complete. So they got lots of applications to process.
    There still is a chance, but I think that it would be better to save your money and apply next year.

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