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Discussion in 'Pre-Veterinary' started by hawaiiandaisy, May 17, 2014.

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  1. hawaiiandaisy

    hawaiiandaisy 2+ Year Member

    Jul 3, 2013
    Hi everyone:)
    I recently agreed to a sort of impromptu internship with a big Humane Society in the US, volunteering in their medical center and am really excited/nervous about it!
    I want to make a good impression and perform well at this internship, however I'm not really too sure what to expect. I have been shadowing a local veterinarian in my town and have been getting great experience, but he is rather "old-school" and I just wanted to see what skills you think I may need to practice or research...
    The vet I've been working with is letting me practice blood draws (we don't insert IV catheters though), nail trims, anal glands, setting up fecals (direct saline smear), some other slides, run the blood (HESKA in-house), and basic exam and diagnostic stuff... We do assist in surgery, but like I said, very old-school, we have oxygen, isofluorene gas, and then just monitor the breathing (we don't intubate, unless dog is seriously brachiocephalic, do pre-anesthetic blood work, IV catheters, or anything else).
    Point being, I'm really worried about seeming ignorant or not knowing how to properly monitor for surgery or perform certain procedures... I would love to do some research or ask the doctor more questions, but I am unsure what direction to go in...
    Has anyone had any experience in working in the medical center of a large Humane Society or knows of any internet web sites to learn more about veterinary skills?

    *Side note: I live in a tiny town on an island, so there's not really too many opportunities for me to practice with other vets around.. I have other experience (worked on university farm, attended VIDA trip, shadowed in a few other clinics, and a wildlife rehab center) but this is my most direct experience with a vet until I go to the mainland for my internship..
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