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Dec 17, 2008
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Ok, so first some background...

I've always wanted to be a doctor and I can't see myself being anything else.

I am currently a sophomore at Pitt. I really like all the science courses and am majoring in neuroscience. My gpa freshman year was 3.0 but at the end of this semester it has gone down to a 2.8. My knowledge doesn't reflect my grades though, in fact most of my friends come to me for help. So I know that I capable of getting good grades and getting into med school. But the problem is I have bad anxiety so I do poorly on tests. I've realized that I can't use that as an excuse and have to show significant improvement next semester.

Next semester I'll have 18 credits including a honors class (intro to neuro)
and I think 3.8 is the minimum i have to get to show an noticeable upward trend.

I already have some extracurricular activities : club soccer, volunteer work, lab assistant at a research institute, researcher at a community health office. andd i should have 3 or 4 more by the time I am done with college.

I am also going to get a certificate in the conceptual foundations of medicine and will retake courses this summer to hopefully improve gpa.


So I am just looking for some general advice to improve my chances of getting in...
-should I start studying for mcats now?(being taking kaplan, buying books)
-do even more activities(maybe become a ta) to cover up my gpa?
-anything else that is helpful

I just want to make sure I still have a chance to get into MD medical school.

Thanks alot


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Dec 2, 2008
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I don't think taking an 18 credit course load is going to help with your anxiety.

Anyways, I was on your same boat. I knew all the material but would test poorly. Turned out that I have a learning disability and severe testing anxiety. Once diagnosed, there are treatments, accommodations etc. Now I am doing so well and my grades reflect what I have learned.

If you really do have anxiety I suggest getting diagnosed so that you can proceed from there. Just imagine the testing anxiety you'd have on the MCAT without any sort of treatment/coaching/whatever.
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