Advice on choosing between specialties?

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Mar 21, 2024
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MS1, I am trying to choose between interventional pain management, radiology, optho, ENT, cardiology (EP?), and DERM. I am also considering urology. What can I do to narrow these down. Shadow each of them individually? I shadowed radiology and liked it. The issue is, I don't have lot of free time to shadow...

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Step 1: Keep a journal to write down your thoughts as you explore.
Step 2: Join the societies and join calls/talks/conferences to understand the specialty.
Step 3: Shadow. Write down your experience.

It's a lot of introspection. Find aspects of medicine that interest you, and then find the specialty that fits you. Just do and try, don't think too hard. You can always change your mind, even in residency.
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