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Aug 9, 2015
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Need advice for a friend on MD/PhD chances and whether he should attempt the MCAT and apply 2016 cycle or 2017:

He has a somewhat unique situation in which after junior year he had to drop out of school after being unable to pay his bill mid semester causing 3 withdrawals and 2 F's (likely will be retroactively turned to W's). Spent the next year working 60-80 hours a week in service related jobs with continued research as well. Plans to return to school next semester. Will graduate F 2016/ S 2017.

Will that long of a gap negatively effect his chances at MD/PhD if he is able to maintain his GPA for 1 semester before applying, or would finishing his degree be important to show he can maintain his academics?

3.85 gpa/~3.75 sGPA (5 W's)
Research experience >3000 hours, mainly genetics. 8 poster presentations 2 national conferences poster presentations
5-10,000 hours work experience in various service related jobs
Various leadership positions
~300 hours shadowing across several specialties
1,000 hours non-clinical volunteering

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