Jan 24, 2014
So I spent the first 2.5 years of Med school pretty sure I would select Peds as my career. I'm probably going to end up with 2-3 Peds publications by the end of M3 (2 surgical, 1 pulm), but I'm now concerned that OB programs won't appreciate my CV full of volunteering with children and doing research with Pediatrics specialists.
I come from a small MD school with virtually no recognition, we don't have OB sub-I's, but we have matched students to OB in the past.
Can anyone maybe suggest some things I should look into to really show my interest in the field on paper? I don't want them to see my app and think "Well, all she's done is useless and doesn't show me that she cares about OB at all."


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Jan 6, 2008
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Programs will appreciate any research; it shows that you're interested in research and know how to put together ideas/projects. Same for volunteering; they'll appreciate volunteering in general.

You could always look into aways at programs you're interested in, which can help but aren't the end of the world if you can't get them.

Get involved with some of the OBGyn groups at your school if you can. Consider attending the ACOG Annual Clinical Mtg in San Diego in May. Free (or very cheap) for medical students to attend and many ACOG districts/sections offer financial support for medical students. Maybe see if any residents or attendings in your program have any small projects or interesting cases that you could submit for a poster presentation at the ACOG ACM (Due early October, so a case report/abstract which can be written in a short amt of time would be the most do-able).
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