Jun 27, 2012
Medical Student
So I have recently had a scheduling change and have an unexpected elective coming up in February (I'm a third year DO student fyi). I am still trying to decide between ortho, EM, physical medicine and rehab, or Family med with plans of doing sports med fellowship. I don't have my required EM rotation until 4th year, I already have an ortho elective set and I will get plenty of FM experience very soon but none specifically involving sports med. I also ideally would like to land a residency somewhere out west (i.e. CO, CA, OR, WA, UT) but I am at a midwestern school. So my questions are:
1.) Should I set up 4 weeks of PM&R or should i split the elective month into 2, 2 week rotations and do 2 weeks of PM&R and 2 weeks of either EM, or sports med?
2.) Should I try and set up a rotation with a doc who practices in one of the locations I want to end up in with the hopes of getting a letter out of my rotation? (Not talking about setting up an "away rotation" at another program just to clarify). Would having a letter from someone in the region I am applying to make any difference or should I just stick to hometown docs?

I searched similar forums in attempts to avoid a repetitive post but I apologize in advance if I missed something and this topic has been discussed. Any advice ASAP would be very useful thank you.