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loca Dr. chica

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Mar 28, 2005
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So I have Step 2 in a few days. Wasn't able to take too much time off...Have been doing usmleworld for the last approx. 2 weeks. Took a break for 2 days now to read bits of Secrets in the areas I'm weak on. My last 2 blocks were low 70s (perhaps a fluke), before that low 60s. I probably won't finish Uworld or secrets - Will finish about 70-80% of it if I'm lucky. Had a 231 on Step 1, and really want >240, but ok w/ anything above my Step 1 score. I was scheduled to go to Europe and spent $600 to move my ticket to get a few extra days to study. Now I can still push it back 4 more days, but would lose all that money + original flight price. Right now, the match looks like I may have to reapply next year so I really don't want to screw this up, but am not sure I have done enough preparation to reach my goal. I'm really struggling with whether I should push it back a few days to finish uworld, but lose $2000 in the process. Would appreciate any advice on whether 80% of Uworld vs. 100% and not finishing Secrets will make that much of a score difference?
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