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New Member
10+ Year Member
Nov 21, 2008
I need advice on what to do with my classes. I have done very poorly in my math classes, C in calcI, and D in calcII. All my other science classes are A with the exception of 2 Bs. Do i still have a shot at good med schools or will my math grades screw me over?

I expect a 34 to 37 on MCAT, and have great ECs. My only problem is my math :(
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Premed 2: Electric Bugalo
10+ Year Member
Oct 6, 2004
  1. Resident [Any Field]
i know that, but that is what i am getting on practice tests. i took math as a stupid freshman and just did horribly..but all things aside, what are my chances of a decent med school?

What is your overall GPA? Also, would you consider retaking these math classes as you are no longer a "stupid freshman?"


Queen of Passiveagressiva
10+ Year Member
Oct 29, 2008
  1. Pre-Medical
you have a good shot at med school, calculus is just junk (I totally sympathize). I have some bad calculus grades, but I also took statistics and did well so that proves I'm not entirely mathematically-******ed. You might want to look into doing the same.. linear algebra is also an option.
Or you can risk it with Calc III.

Wouldn't "expect" a 34-37 until you write the real exam though. I was a cocky bastard once too, and was subsequently humbled..
Not that it's impossible, just don't be like me and let your self-assurance keep you from studying as much as you should.

But all in all, yes, you have a decent shot at med school.
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