Sep 14, 2015
Hi - I am looking for an advise regarding my situation. I honestly appreciate your help.

I am an International Dentist, and I would like to understand the value in pursuing Perio MSD program here directly without a DDS degree from USA. I am unable to decide as I have heard from multiple sources regarding the lack of opportunities for a periodontist without a DDS from USA ?. Please comment if this is something I should be concerned about ?

Given it is three years program I want to make sure that I do not have to repeat DDS just to earn a decent job in states. I also heard that there is a limitation on the states I can practice in ?, please let me know if you guys are aware of what these states are ? and how opportunities work in those (... for someone with just a bachelors degree from outside USA). The advantage with this path is lesser debt upon graduation and it also seems like a logical next career step, with a bachelors already from my country. Thanks a lot.