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  1. I'm totally confused with LORs and what is required and stuff since I may have initially thought the wrong things. I've gathered a pre-health, 2 science, 2 econs, and 2 character references. AECOm says they require a pre-health letter. Do I still need to send 2 science and 1 non-science or can I mix it up by having just 1 science and 2 non-science/econ letters? Hopefully, this question makes sense to people.
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    Do you have a pre-health committee? If so, and you have a committee letter, then that is what you need to have sent. If there is no committe letter, then AECOM only really requires 2 faculty letters, one from a science discipline, and one from another (which it sounds like you have). All other letters are extra, so it doesn't really matter who they are from. Last year I sent 5 letters, Two faculty from my science major, 1 research mentor/faculty, 1 faculty from another discipline, and 1 from my employer at school. They explain it on their website too:
    although, it is a little confusing!
    AECOM is an awesome school- good luck:)

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