Age gap and social life....

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Originally posted by fonzy
many students there just have physical relationship, not dating or serious relationship. The reason she gave me is that in med school they do not have time for serious relationship.


now i really can't wait for school to start...yeeee-haaaaaw!

Actually, i think a lot of inter-class relationships are more common than intra-class. Although, I've been told that people in anatomy groups together tend to forge VERY CLOSE relationships (responses to the first dose of the high stress associated with medschool).

My SO is 6 years my junior. It hasn't been a problem at all. When you date someone that is on the same intellectual and spiritual level...age goes out the window.

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I just loooooooooove older men. They are wiser, more mature, more successful, kinder, gentler, and really know how to treat a woman. I could never date another man who is not at least 10 years older....unless he is super mature for his age.
In fact I have been told that at the same age most women are 4-5 yrs ahead of men in terms of maturity and some are even 10-15 yrs ahead.
So that explains....

Only women can confirm if it is true.

Damn straight.:p