Alabama Pharmacy Tech questions. . .

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Mar 16, 2009
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Hey all,

I'm a Biology(Pre Health) / Theology double major here in Mobile, Alabama. I really want to be a pharm tech this summer in between my summer classes, but honestly, I'm not familiar how to apply. So. . .

What's the first step?

I checked the AL Board of Pharmacy Website, and they said to submit a 1) written" (and notarized) pharmacy technician application,
2) a $60.00 biennial fee, and 3) hours of CE (1 of which must be live). So- I am then legally a pharm technician ?

Two more questions, then I'll give y'all a rest:

1) Where can I perform ACPE-T or Board Tech approved CE? (I think some can be done online, but what about that "live" hour)?

2) I want to be certified by taking the PTCB; however, should I take that before I send in my pharm tech application, or after my apps been accepted and I've met the 3 hrs of CE?

Thanks for your help!!

I'd really appreciate if a AL pharm tech/ pharmacist could help me with this, or someone familiar with AL Pharm regs ! :)