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Albert E. email

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by C U in MD school, Aug 21, 2001.

  1. C U in MD school

    C U in MD school Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Jun 7, 2001
    got this today in my email....

    This email comes to inform you that we have received your copy of your
    AMCAS application as well as all the documentation that you had
    on your secondary application.

    We shall be screening your folder without having received AMCAS'

    The Albert Einstein College of Medicine has decided to begin
    prior to receiving verified applications from AMCAS. If by December
    2001, AMCAS still is unable to provide us with verified applications,
    shall ask all interviewed applicants to send us official transcripts
    all colleges attended.

    Please do not have transcripts sent to us at this time. We do not want
    applicants to incur any unnecessary costs.

    We thank you for your patience and encourage you to be optimistic. We
    shall continue to provide you with as much support and assistance as we
    possibly can.
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