Albert Einstein students...a question

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May 23, 2002
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I was wondering what the process is after you interviewed at AE. I interviewed in early november, when should I expect to hear from AE? I heard we hear in Jan..but do they send out rejections before Jan? Thank you.

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Expect to wait a long time for news from Einstein. I interviewed in early March and didn't hear the final word until July. My sense is that an essential part of getting in is writing a letter of intent that specifically places Einstein as your top choice school. To be truthful, and I know that this issue is discussed thoroughly as the interviewing season draws to a close, I wrote two of these letters (to two different schools). The rectitude of this choice may be debatable, but I see it as one of the few strategies that applicants have at their disposal - especially at the end of the season when there's so much jockeying on all sides. The other school was U Mich, I was waitlisted at both and really very interested in both. When I turned down U Mich they did not site my letter. But, I feel quite confident that I would not have gotten my acceptance there and therefore not had the choice to make if I had not written the letter. Good luck!
I interviewed in mid november and I know Jan 15th has been set as the date for the 1st release of acceptance letters of the we'll see.