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All about NYCOM

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by NYCOMScrubs, Dec 13, 2000.

  1. NYCOMScrubs

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    Dec 12, 2000
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    NYCOM is a good school for a lot of reasons.
    NYCOM has amazing clinical affiliations. There are somewhere between 15 and 20
    hospitals that NYCOM is associated with. Clinical affiliations are important for two
    reasons. First, they provide a place for third and fourth year students to learn,
    Second, they provide opportunities to snag that all important residency in the
    future. The larger the network of affiliations your school has, the more diversified
    your clinical education will be. Also, the more hospitals that know your school, the
    easier it is to get that residency.
    NYCOM also has a very good reputation in the New York area. NYCOM students
    are known for knowing their stuff. The school is highly respected and known for
    turning out quality students. If you are worried about that "osteopathic" stigma
    going into the hospitals, chances are you won't encounter them at NYCOM.

    Some other pros about NYCOM:
    We get a whole month off after second year to study for the boards and we get
    six weeks off after the end of first year. Vacations and study time become some
    of the most important things you care about in med school!
    Um, as far as cons go, there will always be some. It really depends on your own
    personal preferences.
    NYCOM implemented a new testing schedule for the first years this year. We are
    basically the guinea pigs. In the past the first years, starting in October had a
    test every monday morning. Basically they had one test in one subject covering
    three or four weeks of material and they would just rotate the subjects being
    tested, i.e Week 1 would be Anatomy, week two would be biochem, week three
    would be OMM, and week four would go back to anatomy. This year, they changed
    all of that. We have four to five weeks of classes and a week of tests. Monday is
    the Anatomy Practical, Tuesday is free. Wednesday is the OMM practical.
    Thursday and Friday are the written examinations. The reason for the change in
    exam policy was basically that students were spending all week studying for the
    upcoming test on monday and basically forgetting about all the other subjects.
    Obviously, the old way was more condusive to cramming. The new way allows you
    to spend equal time on every subject every week. However, if you tried to cram,
    you wouldn't do very well. You really need to keep up with everything and not fall
    behind. The good part is that you get a few relatively stress free weeks and some
    free weekends, including the weekend right after exam week where there is
    absolutely no new material for you to study and you can do whatever you want.
    Now, whether this is a pro or con, depends on your own personal preferences and
    how you like to study and budget your time.
    The way the school day runs:
    twice a week you will have anatomy lab from 1 till 5.
    once a week you will have OMM lab which is scheduled from 1 till 5. Most of the
    time you are out by 3:30.
    There are classes from 9 till 12, then an hour lunch break. After lunch you either
    have lab or more classes. The afternoon classes usually run till 4 or 5.
    Occasionally, you'll get out by 2:30.
    This is the way things are for the first year from August till Christmas. Things
    change a little after the new year and the days tend to be a little shorter because
    the classes and labs you take change.
    NYCOM's first year starts with OMM, Physiology, Anatomy, and Biochemistry.
    There is a dress code at NYCOM, but I think that is the case at most schools.
    Basically you have to wear your white coat.
    There is no mandatory attendance policy, except for labs.
    Class size at NYCOM is rather large. I think its around 250. But I really don't think
    its that much of a problem, at least it hasen't been for me. The only places where
    it could potentially be a problem is in labs. In both OMM and Anatomy though, I've
    never felt like I haven't gotten the attention I've needed. The Professors, Fellows,
    and TAs are always around and there is always enough help for those who need it
    during lab as well as outside of lab.
    All the professors at NYCOM pretty much have an open door policy. The answer
    questions over email as well as questions posted to our student web board.
    Anatomy Fellows hold reviews for both the practical and written starting two
    weeks before exams, basically every day during lunch, after school, and on
    weekends. The OMM fellows hold reviews for OMM lab stuff one day every week
    during lunch time and hold two two hour review sessions the weekend before the
    practical. Afterwards, they are available to help you practice your techniques.
    Some organizations on campus hold mock practicals also. For this testing cycle,
    the professors have been holding review sessions during lunch and after school for
    those student swho need things clarified.
    The library is small, but you really won't be spending too much time there. There
    are plenty of other study areas around that are much more condusive to studying.
    There are two quiet study rooms, tons of group study rooms, and lecture halls
    that can be used as study space. And you are always free to use the NYIT library
    if you really need that library atmosphere.
    There is a weight room at NYCOM. Its small but sufficient. Most students use a
    local gym that gives a major discount to NYCOM students. The student lounge had
    a ping pong table, a fuse ball table, a big screen tv hooked up to direct tv, and
    some couches.
    The cafeteria does not serve hot food but they are planning on putting in a
    kitchen this summer to allow for that and starting an optional meal plan for next
    year. Currently most students either bring their own lunch, go out for lunch, or
    buy lunch from the sandwich guy.
    The computer lab is also kinda small but no one has ever had any problem getting
    a computer when they needed one.
    The area around NYCOM does tend to be a little pricy. Most people have
    roommates to off set the cost. Most people pay between $300 and $500 each for
    rent. People also complain about traffic. Thats really only a problem during rush
    hour and if you live close enough, like in Glen Cove or Sea Cliff, its really not a
    problem. I do recommend that if you do decide to come to NYCOM that you start
    looking for housing in May or June when all the second years are giving up their
    apartments. It gets a little harder to find a place the later in the summer you
    start. There is a housing book in the library and housing postings on th web board
    that help a lot when you are looking for a place to live.
    Lets see, the only other con I can think of are the geese. They are everywhere on
    campus and they don't leave for the winter. There have been several campaigns
    by the students to displace them, but to no avail. I guess we'll just have to live
    with them and their poop.

    And don't forget about all those brand new facilities at NYCOM!!
    There is the brand new state of the art OMM lab with motorized OMM treatment
    The auditioriums are brand new too! Every desk has the ability to hook up to the
    internet and view course notes off of the academic web site, as well as IM your
    buddies when things get a little boring!

    Oh, and one other good thing. The Professors give out their lecture notes (free of
    charge, they're photocopied by the school). Most of the notes are well written
    which eliminates the need to buy a ton of expensive texts.

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  2. NurseyK

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    Oct 12, 2000
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    Attending Physician
    Nice job on the summary! Bottom line -- are you pleased with your decision to go there or do you wish you chose somewhere else to go to school? I'm from NY and would like to stay in my home state..2 hrs away from home..

    The grass isn't greener on the other side --- it's just different grass
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  3. numinous

    numinous Member
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    Dec 16, 2000
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    Thanks so much for all that info - I had sort of dropped the DO idea since I didn't think that NYCOM was very good. I hadn't seen it in any of the top lists, heard anything specific about it and its web page leaves a whole lot to be desired. I am glad to hear so many good things - it has renewed my hope! What about the area? Is there anything to do? What is the NYIT community like? Were you long interested in osteopathy, or did you choose NYCOM for other reasons? I too want to stay in New York, but I am not so sure about Long Island...Thanks for everything.

    fourth year
    religious studies/pre-med
    McGill University
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  4. Wombat

    Wombat Junior Member
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    Dec 12, 2000
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    I do like NYCOM. While the school is not perfect, I feel like no school is and the pros, at least in my opinion, outweigh the cons.
    As far as the NYIT community goes, in a lot of ways we really don't have anything to do with the NYIT community. I must say that all of my time on campus is spent in NYCOM's three buildings. The only times I've seen any other part of the campus is when I went to go buy some textbooks at the bookstore and when I went to talk to financial aid. NYIT is definitely very supportive of NYCOM and I think that for the most part they trust us to run ourselves. I haven't heard of any problems between the two entites. I guess my seclusion from the rest of NYIT is more of a product of sheer business than anything else.
    The area around NYCOM is nice. There are a few malls, lots of nice restaurants and movie theaters, and some good clubs all within a half hour radius of the school. Down town Glen Cove and Huntington Village are two nice places to hang out. There are of course tons of beaches, it is an island afterall. And New York City is an hour train ride away. So if you're looking for stuff to do, you'll find it.
    NYCOM has a decent Osteopathic Program. I think you'll get a quality osteopathic education at NYCOM. But if osteopathy is not your thing, they don't exactly shove it down your throat.
    Hope this helps.
    And remember, as with anything else, whether NYCOM is good for you or not really depends on you.
  5. OP

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    Dec 12, 2000
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