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Mar 29, 1999
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Hello everyone. i figured that it was time that we too put our input into this page. We have students from many other schools shouting over every little detail of their school and I wondered why there werent more of us on this site to do the same. Where are we? I want to hear from you, lets represent our school. All topics open here on UHS

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Hay mightymouse,

I share your sentiments. I will also be attending UHS this fall. I decided to go to UHS early spring and have not questioned my decision ever since. I was really impressed with the school during my visit. Most noticeable was the friendly atmosphere, physical attractiveness of the campus, the facilities, and the feeling (I felt during the interview process) that I would receive the best medical education at UHS. I felt I was a good candidate (Masters w/ 3.6, Bachelors w/ 3.7, and above average MCATs) for many schools, however UHS was the school for me.
Thanks for responding, I starting to think that no one from UHS was on this page! Sounds as thought youre prepared for the rigors of school. I have not questioned my decision to go to UHS either. It truly is one of the finest medical schools. See you soon.
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There are lots of us UHS'ers on We have been quite active over the past year. But now that school is about to start many of us are not logging on as much. I am glad to see you both will be attending in August. Good luck and I will see you soon.
Diane E

Just curious, where exactly is UHS located in Kansas City. I looked in my Rand McNally (sp?) atlas which has other DO & MD schools listed in it, and I couldn't find it. Thanks.

Are there any UHS MS1s already living in KC? If so, reply if you are interested in getting together before school begins.
you should be happy to know that one of the moderators (i.e. me) is a fourth year UHS-COM student