alright I need help...


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Jan 27, 2005
    Previously I had been debating whether to take the MCAT or the DAT. I have chosen the DAT for many reasons. Now here's where I need help:

    I have noticed that apparently some books are better than others for specific science reviews that prepare you for the DAT. Can someone tell me which book is best for chemistry review? Biology review? etc etc etc

    I truly appreciate anyone's input.


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    Feb 1, 2005
      i took the DAT Feb. 1 last tuesday after studying 1 and a half months. DAT is all i did for that time. one of my friends gave me a kaplan book and that is all i used for studying. i personally thought it was great for Biology, Gen Chem, and Org Chem. the book was not that good for math, i thought! but math just sucks for me.
      along with the book i took topscore pro practice tests. i felt the tests give a great practice for PAT, reading comp, and math.
      math was always my lowest score.
      good luck!
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