Alternate at KCOM, Will I Get In?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by ryanbz, Nov 23, 2005.

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    I interviewed at Kirksville on Oct. 17, one of their first interview groups. I got a letter saying I was an alternate, they didnt say how many were on the waiting list, but what are my chances of getting in? My grades at the end of this semester will improve my GPA and I am doing some ECs in my senior year. Do I have a shot?
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    From what I gathered when I interviewed there-- their alternate "list" is really a "pool." If you improve your stats, do some other ECs and write them a letter of interest/intent about why you really want to go there (this is usually acceptable from what I understand), they may see you as being a top choice when they look at the pool of applicants. My advice would be to keep in touch with KCOM, since they're just all a big happy family there anyhow. :)

    good luck :luck:
  3. you dont have to answer this, but just curious what youre stats were? i have an interview there soon and kinda curious!

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