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    I am furious. I just had my first day of orientation for med. school. I had to Break my @$$ to go to med. school. The dean is lecturing us on our classes statistics. He says 40% of our class are Alumni dependents. When we were talking to some students, the alumni kids had 3.4-3.5 GPA and 23 MCAT. Non-Alumni kids had 3.8-4.0 GPA and 27-29 MCAT. We were all mad but I mean we still were friends with the kids but we dont think it is fair that these Alumni kids get in easier and we spend a 2 years trying to get in. Anybody else feel the same way?
  2. What do you mean alumni kids? Is this an ivy league school? Med schools can do whatever they want, they're providing the service. Pretty much after you get out of college the world changes from something pretty much standardized and fair to a world in which who you know and how rich you are matter. Just be happy that you got in! I hope I'm as lucky as you are this application cycle. Nobody in my immediate family has gone allopathic. My one cousin is a D.O. from Des Moines, but I want an M.D. Not to incite another D.O./M.D. war or anything, just my personal choice. Anyway, yeah I agree with you that life is unfair, but as long as you're getting through it who cares! [​IMG]

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    I have always suspected that to be true. A pediatric prof at UCSF told me flat out that very only very outrageously qualified applicants get into US MD schools without some sort of connection (friends, alumni or letter of rec from a former faculty etc). Another thing that never sat well with me are the state residency requirements. I'm from California and I'm now going to start school at an out of state PUBLIC med school. I'm already starting to feel cocky since I'm under the impression that my crendentials are way higher than most of the in-state students (that's probably not true, but I'm prone to illusions of grandeur! [​IMG] ). So as a non-alumni student, you can also rest assured that you're one of the more qualified students in your class! [​IMG]

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